Make the most out of a small closet

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Our bedroom closet measures 3x2x10 and for years we have struggled to make our clothes fit. We recently added 2 shelves with room for one more, plus I discovered Space Bags and these nifty stackable hangers. Both are great space savers. In addition, since we also share a dresser, I purchased a cloth closet and some baskets at the $$store to use for all my personals. I can't stand anything on my floors so if you are wondering where I keep my shoe collection it is in another closet hanging on a shoe tree.
How have you solved your space issues?
Tight for two-but possible!
Stackable hangers keep 3-4 items in the space of one
Extra shelving comes in handy for extra clothes, purses, jewelry bags and other essentials

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  • Irene Irene on May 15, 2013
    I plan to use the shelf for undies and bras and socks and anything else lightweight. If they have one that seems to be strong enough i'll put some cardigan sweaters on a couple of shelves. The shelves on Amazon had some kind of wood in the shelves. I don't know how strong it is but if necessary sp I think they could be reinforced with some light weight wood from HD. I would wrap the wood in some muslin. Three years seems like a nice amount of time for your cloth closet. I can see that you take good care of it. Do you remember what kind it is? That sounds like a good one. I live in Montclair, Ca. Just thought I would add that since I see that your are from Rock Creek Oh.
  • Dee W Dee W on May 15, 2013
    I don't remember a brand name on it, but I did pick them both up at Family Dollar so it was only like $4 and came in black. The one in my laundry room was a bit more at $7 and only came in blue. My Family Dollar still sells them so hopefully you will find one or more, too.
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