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My poor husband has tried everything to fix our master bedroom toilet. He can definitely fight for his country, but can't seem to fix our toilet. It's been six months now. Thank goodness for three toilets.
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  • 3po3
    on Mar 5, 2012

    First, thank you for your husband's service. About the toilet, how old is it? You might be in the market for a new, more water-efficient toilet if the existing one is causing so many headaches.

  • Can you photograph and say what needs fixing? Does it leak? Does it run on, back up, overflow, or have a sticking handle? Will it not flush clean? How new or old is it? Do you know what type and brand?

  • Ana M
    on Mar 5, 2012

    I agree with Steve G, and they are super easy to install, just follow the directions and get step by step instructions from your DIY store you get it from. Ask a lot of questions! Look on youtube on videos to familiarize yourself with how to do it. you can get a really great toilet for about $150.00. I installed 4 toilets in our house, never having done one prior to the installs. First one took longer - a couple of hours and then the others were a breeze. Consider getting a 'chair height' toilet. They are super comfortable, especially for older family that visits and might have more trouble getting up and down off a toilet. Is great for my inlaws when they visit.

  • Some of our Northern States do not have materials available as cheaply as down south Ana. I am looking at close to three hundred and up to get a good toilet.

  • I would say change the diet, but without really knowing what is wrong, were only guessing on fixes.

  • Shirley - I wouldn't want to guess without more information as to what is going on. But calling someone to come in and either diagnosis or fix your toilet should be an easy process. If you are looking to replace it, it's not really hard to install a new toilet as long as you follow the instructions and have a basic knowledge. Good luck. Please also thank your husband for his service to our country!

  • Ana M
    on Mar 5, 2012

    Yikes Nichter's!! I am able to find some great bargains here in GA.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 5, 2012

    I've seen basic toilets at HD for 88 bucks and replacement "tanks" for less than $40 bucks. 95% of the toilet "works" are in the tank part...swapping one of those is very simple...and not as "messy" as working with the bowl.

  • I guess if you could tell us what's wrong with the toilet....we can chime in with a solution. Toilet repairs are usually pretty easy....we do tons of them every year. If you do end up swapping - they have a powder you can put in the bowl to absorb the water stuck in the trap...that's always the messy part for most people!

  • Shirley C
    on Mar 16, 2012

    Sorry. We just bought our house a year ago. Toilet flushes very slow. And makes this weird sound. My husband have used every useful tools to fix it, but still broken. Thank you everyone for all the help.

  • Cheryl
    on Feb 20, 2015

    Could be a drain blockage instead of the toilet itself? If so, a new toilet won't solve the problem. If the other toilets flush fine, then it's not the main trunk, so you might try some drain cleaning. I am not a plumber - just guessing.

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