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Free-standing tub

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I'd like to have a free-standing tub (no feet) installed in a bathroom that we are renovating in a mountain vacation home. My contractor is concerned that water may get under the tub and grow mold under there unless he caulks around the bottom of the tub. In pictures of tubs online, I don't see caulking and I'm worried that it might ruin the "look" of the tub.
I'm open to suggestions.
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  • Caulking like this isn't as critical when compared to something like a tile tub surround. However your contractor does have a point. Odds are people will drip or splash when using the tub and that water could get under there and cause some trouble. So, while good advice, it is not necessary. Just be ready to deal with any potential threats in the future.

  • The likelihood of water collecting under the tub and creating mold are very slim. We have installed many of these tubs and never caulk around the base without any mold issues to date. The design of these tubs with the base being smaller than the top of the tubs would push most splashing away from the base of the tub. That being said, if your floor is level water shouldn't flow under the tub base itself.

  • AK nails it - if he isn't seeing mold in his tub installs in metro're not going to see it in you vacation home. You just may want to wipe that area down as part of your checking out procedures...just to be on the safe side if you are shutting down hvac when the property is not in use. If you are truly concerned about it, I can't imagine that it would hurt to put another drain under the tub.

  • If the manufacturer doesn't call for calking the bottom of the tub to the floor, I don't think I would worry about it. As far as putting a drain under the tub, I think you could regret this choice. i think if HandyANDY was researching this for a project they would agree after their research. The drain could introduce moisture to the space, increasing the chance of mold. Secondly the p-trap in the drain would ultimately dry out allowing sewer gasses to escape. This could introduce a very undesirable condition into you bathroom.

  • Lisa M
    on Mar 8, 2012

    Thanks, for all of your thoughtful responses!

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