Asked on May 11, 2013

Occasional gurgling sound from washing machine when not in use.

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This washing machine is old but seems to be working fine.
Lately, I assume from the drain pipe, there's an occasional gurgling sound that lasts about 5 or 10 seconds.
This is a recent development that happens randomly -- when the machine is not in use.
I don't mind it -- unless it's an indication that there's some sort of plumbing problem!!
Any words of wisdom out there!!?
Appreciation in advance for any and all thoughts on this occurrence!!
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  • If your getting noise from the drain pipe for the machine there can be several reasons for this occurrence. Most times it is caused by vent issues. Windy weather blowing over the pipe changes the pressures in the drain system and when another drain is working it moves the water in the trap back and forth causing abnormal sounds. Not a big deal. As long as the drain is operating properly do not worry about the occasional gurgling sounds. Lastly it could be the drain trap draining completely because of a plugged vent on the roof or a very tightly fitting connection from the machine to the pipe. Air must enter freely around the pipe so the water does not siphon completely out of the trap at the bottom of the machine drain pipe. If that happens any sounds coming from the drain system will freely sound out of the top of the pipe. However this is a rare occurrence. If you have not changed anything for many years, this is also not a concern.

  • Eulenspiegel
    on May 12, 2013

    Thanks so much!!!! For both the information and for responding so promptly! Your comments on the weather seem quite apropos -- the weather WAS unusually windy for a couple of days there. And the gurgling seems to have ceased -- 'Gone With the Wind'!! (((((Much appreciation!!)))))

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