Asked on May 11, 2013

1970's Birch Kitchen cabinet refinish. HELP!

KMS Woodworks


Hi! I'm am in the process of refinishing Birch veneered kitchen cabinets. They were installed, brand new around 1972. The cabinets were shellacked over the existing hardware and have been a nightmare to clean and sand. I tried using Tung Oil to finish them, because my husband and I love the grain of the wood. But, it made them a not so pleasing, gold color (which was the color they were when I started) . Has anyone stained these types of cabinet doors with a darker stain, without them looking yellowy/gold? Thanks for any help!
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on May 12, 2013

    most basic "oil fihishes" will impart a bit of yellow or warmth to wood. Water based "poly" often goes on in a "milky" type nature but then dries clear. You could stain them darker with a true wood stain then top coat them with a protective layer. My goto brand for this is minwax, their regular stain and I use the wiping poly in satin for most of my furniture work. I built this custom Vanity using Alder and Birch ( the birch is the inset of the doors) Her no stain was used and just the clear wiping poly.

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