Miniature Fairy Garden Wall...

I saw a Miniature Garden Wall and loved it!...I decided to make myself a Fairy Garden Wall and put my own spin on it. I decided to make mine two - sided.
I sketched out my wall on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
Made a circle the width I wanted my base to be.
Using 5.2 MM plywood, I used my band saw to cut it out.
Using the belt sander to smooth out any rough edges.
I painted both pieces with white spray paint.
I used a piece of plastic from a soda bottle for my wall window.
I used a clear silicone to glue the rocks in place.
I decided to just rock up half of the wall on the other side.
I had too many photos for this post, so I had to condense it. I used silicone to glue the window and trim in, added two flower pots on the window sill, added ivy to my Trellis, and added the bench and gazing ball to complete this side of the wall.
To complete the scene on this side of the wall I added a bench with a angel, two flower pots sitting on the ground, a rabbit and purple flowers against the wall.

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  • Mze381828
    on Mar 12, 2016

    Cardboard Is it necessary to use wood? I have no tools for cutting shapes. Could I use the cardboard.

    • Bonnie Sunday
      on Apr 18, 2016

      You can use card board and paper mache the card board. Look for crafting fairy houses and you will find videos to make all types of fairy houses.

  • Lu Odger
    on Apr 25, 2016

    What is the green moss looking stuff called that you used as ground cover and will I be able to get it in Australia Lu

    • Sarah M
      on Apr 25, 2016

      It's artificial moss that I bought at a Hobby Lobby store. You could check at your local craft store to see if they carry such an item.

  • M
    on Apr 28, 2016

    How did you attach the wall to the circle of wood?

    • Sarah M
      on Apr 28, 2016

      I used wood glue to attach the wall to the circle base.

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