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Rustic Farmhouse Style Table Using Only 2 X 4s

Everybody loves farmhouse style tables until you price them. Ouch! Take heart you can have your farmhouse style and still afford to eat cake at your new table. We built this table for under $100!
Time: 12 Hours Cost: $75 Difficulty: Medium
This entire table is assembled using only 2 x 4 s. Of course there all kinds of materials you could use but if you really want to keep the cost down 2 x 4 s are a great option.. This table measures 6' L X 31.5" W x 30" H. It will comfortably seat 6.
We constructed a 3" x 3" laminated block style leg. This method allowed us to use one 2 x 4 for each leg at a cost of $2.37 each.
This photo shows our table and bench legs clamped up to allow the glue to set up overnight.
In this photo you can see our leg after we used a table saw to cut our laminate down to size. We used the miter saw to cut each one down to 28.5" in length.
We inspected and laid out 9 boards to see which ones fit together best for our table top.
We used our Kreg Jig mini tool to drill our pocket holes to get ready to join everything together.
We like to use two scrap pieces of lumber and a clamp near the pocket hole when joining boards. This will insure you have a flat top when completed. Space your pocket holes as necessary for the size and type of wood used for your project
You will want to make an apron to transition the table top to the legs. Our apron measurements for this size table 22.25 and 63. You will have two pocket holes on the inside of each board end where it meets the leg. Space pocket holes as needed to secure the apron to the table top.
Now you are ready to lay your legs and apron pieces out on the underneath side of your table top and begin joining.
We added 3, 24" cross members for extra stability
If you would like to see our complete supply list, detailed photos including photos of the two matching benches and more instructions, please check our complete blog post.

To see more: http://www.thepurplehydrangea.net/our-first-2x4-project/

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