Drywall disasters

I think I need some professional help on fixing my drywall / ceilings in preparation to paint. I've tried fixing the cracks above the door openings in the past with everything from spackle to the "elastic" type that is supposed to keep the cracks from re-appearing. They always do reappear. I had some foundation issues that I *think* are fixed, but after "fixing," the nail pops appeared in the ceiling.
Then there are the corner or edge issues that I've tried to fix, but they end up cracking, too, and pretty soon, somebody comes by and says "Hey, did you see that this is cracking off?" and proceeds to pop off the cracked bits. :-/
Then there are the issues of the ceiling separating from the walls that were structurally fixed (the builders didn't attach the ceiling joists to the wall joists, so during the winter, when the ceiling joists shrink, up goes the ceiling), but now I don't know how to fix the mess of the drywall. While fixing the rising ceilings, one of the guys slipped and almost come through the ceiling... and I have no idea how to fix what I call the "splat" ceilings without it looking OBVIOUSLY patched.
All comments welcome, but I'm leaning toward needing a reputable drywall person come fix all of the above.
Office Wall 1 of the aftermath of the ceiling being connected to the wall.
Hallway nail pops
The worse part of the kitchen doorway (the line you see at the back of the opening is the finished wainscotting in the kitchen that wraps around the edge).
Doorway opening cracks that always reappear after fixing.
Doorway opening edging that keeps cracking no matter how many times I remud and smooth.
Another doorway crack -- same wall as the previous doorway corner crack, different doorway.
The "glad I didn't fall completely through the ceiling!" "fix"
Office wall -- this ugliness runs across the entire wall (see previous office picture for other side).

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  • B. Enne
    on May 7, 2015

    I know this is an old post but...my mother lived on a busy street in an old house...her plaster wall would crack every so many years...caulk lasted the longest. I for one would put trim around the doors and crown moulding at the ceiling...

  • Kristin Topping
    on Aug 12, 2015

    Nice article you have shared with us.Time is important when dealing with flood damage.So,It isimportant you should hire a reputablecompany to finish the job. Water damage will cause a stain to appear on thedrywall. This is usually the first sign of a problem. Painting over water spotscan improve the appearance of your ceiling and can enhance the new look of yourhouse.

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