Asked on Mar 7, 2012

Outdoor Light Fixture Location

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Over the years I've come to have in issue with the typical location of light fixutres on the outside of homes. Why? Because they are always located too close to the door, and all they do is attract moths/bugs etc, and when you open the door, they all come inside. A new solution is needed. I have a two story home, no overhang over front door. I think I will put in soffit lights under the gutter, aiming down to the steps, and leave the current light fixture there for looks, but never turn on. This will light the steps/door, and keep the bugs way up high when I open the door.
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  • Well Clay, it sounds like you have a good plan in mind here. Just be careful with being on a ladder or roof when working on those new lights there. :)

  • Outdoor Advantage
    on Mar 7, 2012

    Have you thought about adding a low voltage lighting system to graze and accent your home. Check out our website if you get a second. You can possibly get some neat ideas. Feel free to reach out to me if I can be of some assistance.

  • Lauren
    on Nov 25, 2014

    Mr Beams sells lights that are motion sensing. I have one of their spotlights outside my patio so that it will turn on when I get to the door, and it will turn off once I am gone. It keeps the bugs away but is still pretty neat.

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