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Going Green With Thirifted and Vintage Planters

I've really been on a mission to add more green into my house lately. Must be the spring feeling in the air! I certainly don't have a green thumb, so I've added some faux greenery and one live plant into different vintage and thrifted containers around the house. I've realized that nearly anything can become a plant container!
Some faux ivy spills out form this vintage meat grinder, a thrift store find I couldn't resist!
A faux succulent peaks out form the top of an old wooden spool. Behind it sits a mini cloche, made from a glass piece I picked up at the thrift store, filled with spools of thread. The cloche sits atop some of my mom's old movie reels.
This one is the only live plant I currently have in the house. I'm trying my hand at not killing it and then, if it lives, I can add some more! Th e plant is in a plastic pot that sits inside a painted hanging basket.
I love vintage enamelware! I bought the bucket at an antique store and added faux grass for the spring. The pot next to it is from a friend. My friends are the best!
These faux succulents sit inside a vintage match holder. I love being able to display my vintage finds around the house and am loving the touch of green I've added here and there this year!

To see more: http://deniseonawhim.blogspot.com/2016/03/vintage-and-thrifted-plant-containers.html

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