Asked on Mar 8, 2012

Getting up in years, wondered if I should replace my tub ( never use tub only shower). With a walk in shower.

Monica3po3Dan's of Central Florida, Inc.


Told I could never sell house without a tub. Have only 1 main bath and 2 half bathrooms. Not enough room in half baths for a shower
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  • These days it is becoming quite popular to have no tub in a bathroom. However, there are still those out there who enjoy having one so that means your potential buyer pool is reduced a bit when it comes time to sell.

  • 3po3
    on Mar 8, 2012

    I wouldn't say you could never sell a house without a tub, but as DOCF said, families with young children and some others may be turned off by the lack of a bath. However, it depends how long you plan to stay in the home and how much it will improve your quality of life to have a walk-in shower.

  • Monica
    on Mar 8, 2012

    Yes, thanks for all your advise it is appreciated, guess I won't go that route! Just keep the tub!!!

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