Asked on Mar 9, 2012

Quartz Countertop

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I'm interested in using a quartz type countertop for my new master vanity. Granite is too busy and marble will stain easier plus I need a 117 length run. Is anyone familiar with Dupont Zodiac? Is it a good product? I've looked at Silestone and Ceasarstone but Zodiac has the color that best matches my tile.
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  • There is a local company in Cherokee County called The Counterpoint Group that may be able to give you some feedback and advise on this topic. They are members of the Homecare Professional Contractors Alliance and are very reputable. Marc Tyson is the contact there. His number is 678-445-9339. Their web site is

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 9, 2012

    All of these products are about the same...they are basically ground up stone mixed with resin. They claim the stone percentage at 90 to 95 % but since these ratio is based on weight and not volumetrically the actual resin content is much higher since the resin is so "light" compared to stone. In a bath environment this is not as much of an kitchens however hot pans have been know to "melt" of burn these synthetic versions. As far as granite being "busy" this may be true for some varieties of granite...but granite is available in 100 and 100's of colors. Perhaps the colors you looked at were just some of the "fancy" highly figured ones. Absolute black is far from "busy" as are a whole lot of others. "tan sand" is a popular color that matches many travertine type tiles

  • Robert
    on Mar 9, 2012

    Just get something much nicer that can be any color you want....... its called concrete countertops!

  • Designs by BSB
    on Mar 11, 2012

    Stacy, Zodiac, Cambria, CaesarStone, Silestone .. all quartz products that are incredibly reputable. I have taken courses and learned about all of their processes. They are all equals, but all have different price points. Being that you are interested in little movement.. that is a plus from the price standpoint. But.. Id challenge you on the granite. Depending on the color you desire, there are some tight pattern granites that can easily compete with the quartz products on the market. With all that I know .. I still consider them equals (with travertine/marbles not a part of the comparison). Granted certain special granites are more pourous, for the most part... in the main stream, "sealing" granite is not a big deal. It does not even require you pay someone -- unless you are not comfortable pouring a solution on a rag and wiping your tops down 1x a year (at most.. on average) Find you color.. and go from there! Cambria will the the highest.. they are the only quartz product that has only ONE price group. Since you want a tight pattern .. the rest will be group A (from what I understand!)

  • Paticia G
    on Mar 15, 2012

    When we re did our master bath we had granite counter tops- to make them shine they were sealed and looked beautiful until.......we found that any alcohol based product destroyed the stain.( e.g. rings from the bottom of a mouthwash bottle) I liked the gloss of the counter but would like to know what I should have used to avoid this problem

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 15, 2012

    Patcica G...the normal way to make granite "polished" is by mechanical polishing. Finer and finer grits are used to make the surface smoother and smoother...this is the same way metal is polished. You used a product much like a "paint" that provided the shine...the solvent (alcohol) of the mouthwash dissolved this surface could re-coat or take the longer term route and "polish it"

  • Paticia G
    on Mar 16, 2012

    Thanks you. I didn't stain it it came from the contractor that way , but what I did do was re cote the worn spots and it looked better Happy St Pat's day to all

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