My front yard is too shady for grass. Tried several times. It would do OK for a while but then die. For a long time the

whole yard was covered in liriope but a neighbor said he saw a snake so that was dug up, given away, etc. Last fall I had the yard tilled, smoothed out and covered in tree mulch. I separated some hostas from another part of the yard and planted some in the front yard. Bought an Illicium, some azaleas (already had several), a fragrant olive, some autumn ferns, some plantain lilies (I was told they're hosts but they look different from the ones I had), some heucheras and an iron plant and divided it into three separate plants. Put E.B. Stone fertilizer in each hole as I planted. Fingers are crossed about how this will look when the hostas come up since I had to imagine a lot of it. But the question is, should I add addl fertilizer now, wait until things really start growing, or what?
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