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Easy Way To Remove Pet Stains

PEROXIDE does have a bleaching effect. If you have any doubts of this solution bleaching or color changing your carpet, please try it in an inconspicuous place first. Many commenters have suggested a "rinse cycle" with plain water using a carpet cleaning machine after the solution step. I don't ever have to do that, but everyone's carpet is different. I think most of it is picked up in the blotting step that is not pictured but mentioned down below.
If you have a pet, especially an elderly pet, you probably need to read this post! Of course I went right to Pinterest to find a way to battle these pet stains. It only takes two ingredients and a tiny little bit of elbow grease and your carpet will look nice and smell way better too!
Difficulty: Easy
This is one area that was a problem. There are normally two areas that I have to keep a constant vigilance over.
This is Trevor, my grandpaw dog. He will be 16 next month and for his whole entire life he NEVER had accidents in the house. Just this past year he started to go in the house instead of asking to go outside. Poor dude! Keeping our light colored carpet clean and keeping the house urine odor free is a chore now! Sometimes I catch the accident right after it happens, but mostly he does this while we aren't home throughout the day and that causes the staining.
All you need is Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn dish soap (the blue one is best).
CAUTION: Hydrogen Peroxide may cause bleaching to your carpet.
The mixture is 1 to 1 and I had a large area to cover so I mixed 1/4 cup Dawn and 1/4 peroxide in an oblong dish so I could get my scrub brush into it easily.
Using a stiff bristle brush, dip into the solution and apply to the stained carpet. Rub light to get the solution into the carpet fibers. Let this sit on the carpet for about 30 minutes and then blot with paper towels (I use my foot) to remove all the extra moisture you can.
Please visit our blog for all the before and after pictures. Its nice while it last, but I know he will just create the same scene over again soon. At least I have this method to make it better!

To see more: http://ourcloverhouse.blogspot.com/2016/03/easy-way-to-remove-pet-stains.html

  • Debs
    Debs Magnolia, KY
    on Mar 13, 2016

    Thank you for those of us who have pets know that these stains will occur and it is a battle to keep them cleaned up, every little hint really helps, Thank you for sharing this..

    • DeeDee
      DeeDee Decatur, TX
      on Mar 15, 2016

      @Debs You're very welcome!

  • Brenda Brown
    Brenda Brown Canada
    on Mar 14, 2016

    Thanks, I'll give this a try! My grandmaw dog is going to be 17 soon and she has accidents as well when she is alone for a length of time. Being mostly blind and deaf, she has trouble finding the door even if we are home! But she's a happy little thing :).

    • DeeDee
      DeeDee Decatur, TX
      on Mar 15, 2016

      @Brenda Brown You're welcome!

  • Vikki
    Vikki La Plata, MD
    on Mar 14, 2016

    If you don't get the soap residue up off the carpet it will only attact more dirt as people walk on that area. If you have a carpet cleaning machine or a wet vac, I suggest you use it. With the steam machine...Rinse the area with just water after cleaning it with whatever solution you find best. With a wet vac...Put water on the area and suck it up with the vac. Do this a few times to make sure you get all the solution out of the carpet.

    • Kaioverbeck
      Kaioverbeck North Bend, OR
      on Sep 17, 2017

      Use carpet cleaner with above; hot and ad 1/4 cup white vinegar. It removes the smell that attracts the dog.

  • Lindalee_47303
    on Mar 14, 2016

    I'm somewhat an expert in carpet care. I worked in flooring sales for 25 years. I'm wondering if you rinse the area afterwards? If you don't the Dawn, being a soap, will actually attract dirt. If it seems that area gets dirty quickly you might want to rinse with clear water after you clean 😊.

    • Mpvick
      on Sep 17, 2017

      Yes, you always rinse with clean water and stamping on towel to draw up all water.

  • Laurie
    Laurie Flint, MI
    on Mar 14, 2016

    Also beware. I tried hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It did well but it bleached the carpet to a different colour....any ideas on how to avoid that please post.. thanks

    • DeeDee
      DeeDee Decatur, TX
      on Oct 7, 2017

      Thanks so much, you're very welcome!

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