Create a fun carrot hanger from canning lids

Repurpose a few canning lids into the cutest door hanging yet!

Craft a sunflower from burlap

Get some sunshine for your door with yellow and green burlap.

Mix together Dollar Store flowers

Buying these online can get expensive, but this is beauty on the cheap!

Bunch together folds of burlap

Burlap is good for any season, but add a large flower, and you're spring-ready.

Make a fluffy bunny wreath in 5 minutes

This cute and cuddly wreath is sure to turn some heads.

String together live flower pots

Everyone loves displaying succulents for spring, but this is wild!

Wrap lights around a grassy wreath

You've seen playful egg wreaths before, but did they light up?

Fill a broken umbrella with flowers

Don't ditch that broken umbrella - this is SO much better.

Create a clover-filled grapevine wreath

That pipe cleaner rainbow is the best part!

Fill a form with a few live succulents

Nestle together a few of your favorite varieties.

Weave this explosion of tulips with ribbon

Talk about pink explosion! This colorful tulip decoration is a spring must.

Wrap cupcake liners around a wreath ring

Got any leftover cupcake liners? Here's a great, low-fat way to use them.

Pair succulents and moss for a natural look

Settle some succulents against a mossy base for this pretty natural greeting.

Add some seed packets to a simple wreath

After you've used those seed packets, put them into the decor.

Carve foam core into a carrot bunch

As realistic as these look, they'll be bright and delicious year after year.

Weave a fun floral wreath

Choose whichever faux flowers you like for this starburst wreath style.

Fill a wreath with colorful eggs

Bring the egg hunt to your front door with this colorful cutie!

Spray paint an old frame for this door look

We've all got old frames we're not sure how to use - try this out!

Make a metallic & floral greeting sign

This sweet welcome sign is the perfect mix of industrial and natural.

Craft a huge basket full of blooms

Instead of a purse, use a unique basket to display your blooms this season.

Create a nest with faux stems and eggs

Weave one full of faux flowers and embellish your wreath with Easter eggs.

Make a mossy monogram

To copy this look, just cut a monogram out of cardboard and cover it in moss.

Include some of your vintage collection

Hang some of your favorite vintage items in there among the flowers.

Choose buds that will stand out on your door

Pick a bright faux flower color that will look good against your front door.

Upcycle an interesting find

Look at your vintage treasures in a new way to turn them into charming door decor.