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Homemade Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Did you know you can make simple Easter eggs dyes from ordinary food items? It's one of my favorite methods and as a bonus, they're all natural too! You can read all the details about these Natural Easter Egg Dyes on my blog, where I have a handy printable pdf with the instructions too.
This always feels like a bit of a science experiment to me too as some of the finished colors aren't what you first expect. For instance the red cabbage makes a very purple looking dye, but results in a lovely blue egg.
The basic process has two steps. First the food stuff is boiled with water and vinegar, and then left to simmer for a while to more deeply color the water. I then strain the liquid off into a bowl and let it cool. For the second step, I hard boil the eggs in the dye water I made, let them absorb the color, and watch them turn into beautiful Easter eggs. (One exception is the yellow dye water which can be made by just adding turmeric to the water)
For a couple of the dyes, you need to let the eggs continue to soak for a few more hours, but if you're patient you'll be rewarded!
It still kind of amazes me that onion skins, red cabbage, blueberries, and turmeric can make this pretty rainbow of colors.
You can read the complete instructions on my blog using the link below, and be sure to print the handy cheat sheet of colors when you're there too!

To see more: http://www.themakeyourownzone.com/2016/03/make-natural-easter-egg-dyes.html

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Mar 16, 2016

    This is awesome! So cool that you can get this effect from what's in your pantry!

  • S.Harley
    S.Harley Burbank, CA
    on Mar 16, 2016

    These are amazing! I had NO idea that these colors could be created with these foods. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Elaine
      Elaine Canada
      on Mar 19, 2016

      That's what artists (of long ago) had to do in order to paint as there were no such thing as paints! They also shaved/ground down colored rocks, mixed the resulting fine powder with other ingredients (such as eggs/oils/etc) to produce paint. It was extremely time consuming as one might imagine!

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA
    on Mar 17, 2016

    Love, love this! Thank u for sharing! Hugs

  • Scarlet Paolicchi
    Scarlet Paolicchi Nashville, TN
    on Mar 17, 2016

    These came out so pretty!

  • Joan
    Joan Spring Hill, TN
    on Mar 19, 2016

    this is a great idea, I just bet you could use raspberry for some pink, I love pink,,I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter :)

    • Joan
      Joan Spring Hill, TN
      on Mar 20, 2016

      Thank you, I didn't think of beets, excellent, most likely cause I don't like them teeheee

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