15 Privacy Fences That Will Turn Your Yard Into a Secluded Oasis

Add some intimacy to your outdoor spaces - and make it look awesome!

By Hometalk Highlights

Make a shimmering mosaic from mirror shards

Stick hundreds of mirror shards on your boring wood fence to create a gorgeous mosaic.

Build an intricate frame for a flowering vine

Use your yard's natural beauty by growing a privacy screen from vines.

Combine various sized posts into this design

Make a dancing picket fence with posts cut to different sizes.

Accent an ordinary fence with sheet metal

Add strips of sheet metal along a fence to make it unique and interesting.

Line up a few pallets for a free option

Line up and stack plain shipping pallets for easy and free privacy.

Upcycle a window in your fence

We all love window upcycles, so why not try some in the garden.

Drill holes in a plain fence to add marbles

Fill the gaps and holes in your wood fence with glass marbles to make it glisten.

Add a few vintage details for a charming look

Whether you've got vintage kitchen tools or farming supplies, add them to your detailed design.

String together a row of extra windows

If you have a bunch of free windows, make an entire fence using just those.

Or line up a mix of old shutters

For a drop more privacy, use full sized shutters instead of windows.

Make an outdoor accent wall from tin

Create an entire wall from tin for a more secluded corner.

Bring some repurposed doors into your design

Fill in the gaps in your fence by repurposing old doors.

Or simply hang some shutters right on top

Add sweet detail to your plain fence by hanging shutter right on top.

Create a fun design with doors & windows

Make a magical garden look using a mix of doors and windows like this adorable set up.