21 Enchanting Ideas for People Who Love Green

It's not easy being green - but these gorgeous designs make it look so simple!

By Hometalk Highlights

Paint a Big, Bold, Bright Dresser

Any green-lover would adore this as a bedroom stunner.

Make a Turquoise Magazine Stand from a Ladder

Repurposing is so much better when it's in this foresty hue!

Bring out Your Gorgeous Jade

If you have one, bring your gorgeous jade pieces to the forefront, by showing off a case filled with them.

Go for Key Lime Green Seating

Looking for seating that makes a statement? Umm, you've come to the right place!

Paint Tables to Make Visitors Green with Envy

Add a little spring vibrence to a tired pair of side tables.

Make an Old Desk Vibrant Green and Gold

This green show-stopper is the perfect mix of eclectic and chic!

Carve out Space for a Kelly Green Closet Nook

Turn an unused closet into a vibrant seating and storage nook in the entryway.

Set up Some Enchanting Emerald Seating

Turn a bunch of rescued chairs into a set with a little green paint.

Craft a Bright Ribbon Banner

Hang some green in every corner with this sparkling mixed-ribbon banner.

Get a Fierce Forest Green Nightstand

This is the kind of piece that makes a bedroom set. And just look how it brings out the details!

Make Mossy Coffee Table Accents

Get the look of growing greenery without the care, with these soft mossy accents.

Try Chic Color Blocking on a Dresser

Choose just a couple of drawers or one side of your piece to cover in green.

Compliment Your Greenery with Flowers

Embrace the natural wonder of green hues by adding floral decorations and prints.

Add Some Charm to Your Green with Faux Age

Give your green pieces a light distressing to create a little vintage charm.

Spotlight Your Large Accent Pieces

When you have a piece this large and luxurious, make it stand out and grab attention with green.

Set a Mixed Green Display

Bring out your green platters, books, and decor pieces for a bright & beautiful set up.

Put Together a Grassy Mason Jar Display

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this tiny Ireland-themed terrarium? So doing this!

Wrap Candles and Hurricane Lamps in Moss

Put a burst of mossy perfection in every room with some softly glowing lights.

Make Your Vanity Corner Pop with Color

Instead of letting this piece of bedroom furniture just serve its purpose, make it pop with green!