Asked on Mar 15, 2012

How do I remove 5" x 14" plastic that is stuck to our front porch columns.

DonRegina PWallsTreat Studio/ Kass Wilson


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  • Burco Surface & Decor LLC.
    on Mar 15, 2012

    if it wont peel off try a heat gun or hair dryer to make it peel off

  • Did it have adhesive on it? Also, what is the material on the columns. . . paint, stucco, wood?

  • Regina P
    on Mar 16, 2012

    The columns are painted. They are in the afternoon sun so the plastic must have melted on them. I'll try the dryer later. Thanks.

  • Don
    on Jul 3, 2015

    If you could wrap some ice around it (at night maybe?) and get it really cold it might chip off???? Also depends what type plastic/thickness and how it got there..there are so many types with different attributes difficult to say.

  • Don
    on Jul 3, 2015

    Oh, if it melted on because of the sun...heating it will only make it more gooey. May need to sand it off.

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