Asked on Mar 15, 2012

How do you get rid of small black ants in a bathroom?

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  • 3po3
    on Mar 16, 2012

    Another Georgian asked the same question a while back, and got some great answers and great suggestions:

  • Keller Pest Control
    on Apr 8, 2012

    Tim what you have are called Odorous hose ants. They will come up the foundation adn look for harborage and food in the house. If they find a damp area they are good to go to move in. The treatment for them is relatively easy with the right products. We first of all find the source of the problem. follow the trails to the nest. Generally they will trail right up the wall outside and travel along the underside of the siding. Search outsuide for any rocks, logs landscape timbers , leaf clutter, mulch to find the nest. They can build the nest inside also. They are attracted to the electronic equip. computers , stereos, etc. the magnetic frequency is what they go to. Inside you need to use baits, we use intice or Advion ant bait gel. This needs to be treated in cracks and crevices where they are running. Keep away from kids and pets. Outside we use Termidor and usually get awesome results. It will take a couple of days but once it starts to work the results are long term.

  • Linda E
    on May 9, 2012

    I use a paste made of boric acid and grape jelly make a thick paste and place where ou see the ants then sprinkle just the boric acid along the trail the worker ants eat the jelly mixture and track the boric acid back to the queen she eats the mixt and gets the powder on her and she dies thus killing the mound. Works for roaches also. I have also used cream of wheat on mounds in the yard with great succes it swells when eaten and kills the critter.

  • Designs by BSB
    on May 9, 2012

    i used a gel bait. tero, available at home depot.. worked!

  • Cindy
    on May 25, 2015

    I used Raid bug barrier

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