13 Incredible Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Aren't Tile

The perfect kitchen backsplash has nothing to do with tile!

By Hometalk Highlights

Paste on a 1920’s mural

Give your kitchen space a burst of character with a mural.

Make a mosaic from cut paper

These paper-like stone scraps can make a stunning mosaic just like tile.

Mold a copper finish with foam board & foil

For this hammered copper lookalike, cover foam board shapes in aluminum foil & paint.

Use peel and stick flooring

Put planks of peel and stick flooring onto the wall and paint them for a solid look.

Create a full pebble backsplash

Cover the whole wall in a mix of smooth pebbles and grout.

Arrange slumped glass bottles on the wall

Turn your empty glass bottles into slumped plaques to arrange for a glimmering backsplash.

Try a textured metal covering

Attach a textured metal covering to the entire backsplash area for a real accent.

Paint on a chalkboard layer

Make your backsplash functional and fashionable, by painting it in chalkboard paint.

Stick up a faux shiplap look

Using peel and stick flooring, you can make your backsplash look like realy shiplap.

Paint on a colorful chevron pattern

This bright and beautiful backsplash is a fun take on that trendy chevron style.

Make faux subway tile with chalkboard paint

Paint on the chalkboard cover and then mark off the lines for grout-free subway tiles.

Plank the backsplash with pine

If you opt for the store-bought wood option, use inexpensive planks of pine.