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LG appliance Service...or better still LACK of service.

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A few months ago my relatively new LG dishwasher died. By relatively new It was only 5 years old. The previous dishwasher that the LG replaced was a $250 base model that ran without any issues for a bit over 12 years. I figured my "fancy" $900 LG model should last at least that long.
The cause of the failure was as still undetermined when the HD lad hauled it away for scrap.
The nature of the failure / attempted repair proceeded as follows.
1. control panel dark.
2. initial call to LG support had me do a complete system / reboot/ reset. via timed power down sequence.
3. control panel no longer dark, cycle would initiate but only progress about 2 minutes.
4 second call to LG and they provided the name of two service outfits that would come out and do work. Called both and they said I was out of their service area.
5. third call to LG, asking it we can trouble shoot over the phone, Sorry this is only for registered techs. I reply mean the ones that will not not come to my home.
6. Online research told me that the issue may lie in a faulty control board.
7 find parts supplier online (through sears)
8 order control panel from sears..$173
9 receive plastic control panel cover from sears.
10 call sears parts get RMA to return completely wrong part (i pay a small 7 dollar ship fee)
11 order PCB panel from sears ($153 dollar)...odd that the plastic "dashboard" with zero function cost 20 bucks more. It should be noted that the PCB board has a five year machine was 5 years and 2 months old...
12 received and installed new PCB board. NO CHANGE in operation, machine hangs at the exact same step.
13 call to LG service and rep on sunday says that tech dept will call and help me trough additional trouble shooting since no service outfit will come to home. ( i think this is good progress)
14 call from LG a few days later (message left on answering machine)
15 I call back later and am told that I can not speak to directly to tech..ask to speak to a supervisor and same story...the gal that said I could on sunday was wrong. ( supervisor really rude and condescending). Tell supervisor that his actions will determine whether I will ever buy another LG product in my life, and I will pass this info on to all my friends and family. Supervisor say he will track down a service outfit that will come to my home.
16. More online research, determine next probable cause recirc. motor and switch.
17 Order recir motor and switch ( about 60 bucks)
18 receive motor and switch, perform much more invasive install both these parts...same story. week and half pass and LG call and leaves message, say company XXX will service at my location, $90 just to knock on the door, parts and labor for their install would be additional.
19. More online research for next possible cause, main motor assembly
20 order main motor assembly (about 80 bucks)
21. more major invasive surgery like before. Install new like for like motor. reassemble install dishwasher and test. with this test Original Control board goes up in cloud of stinky smoke.
22...regroup and pursue other options.
23. Oder new Maytag Dishwasher with Stainless internals , steam cycle etc.($405)
24 Package up all ordered new part for return / credit less ship at $7
25 Receive new DW In less time than any of the other parts orders. FREE in home Deliivery and old Appliance haul off.
( this phase occurs while I am out for a few weeks with herniated disc)
Mostly healed now, installed new Maytag diswasher great.
Final conclusions.
LG customer support varies, from so so to complete disregard for customer.
LG product support not as widespread as for other products.
LG supervisor admits openly that product is only designed to last 5 to 8 years.
LG rating 0 stars
Sears parts sales and support great... aside from first issue with plastic cover....friendly helpful and courteous. RMA and return process simple and easy.
Sears parts Rating 4 1/2 stars
Anyone else treated so poorly form LG?
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  • Shari
    on May 18, 2013

    Unfortunately, I don't think it's just LG. Many of the large appliance manufacturers and retailers seem to have lost sight of how to make a quality product and provide good customer service. About 3 years ago, I experienced my own consumer nightmare over an expensive Samsung front load washer that broke down less than 90 days after purchase. The major retailer I bought it from, HHGregg, was of no help whatsoever. I got lots of lip service from both the store manager and sales manager about helping me resolve the problem but absolutely no follow-through. Samsung wasn't much better. They just wanted to repeatedly send out technicians (4 visits in 3 weeks) who couldn't seem to get to the root of the problem. I was finally forced to open a defective merchandise dispute with my credit card company in order to get any resolution. Many months later, after providing all kinds of documentation to the credit card company regarding the problems I had with the washer, Samsung and HHGregg, the credit card company finally ruled in my favor and credited me the purchase price. Then, much to their dismay, HHGregg (who had repeatedly blown me off) was forced to come pick up the defective washer and matching dryer. (Ha! Take THAT, HHGregg!) After some checking around, I heard repeatedly that Lowe's had great customer service so I bought a new Whirlpool front load washer and dryer from them to replace the Samsung washer/dryer HHGregg took back. At the same time, I also purchased a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, wall oven, and refrigerator, and a GE cook top for a kitchen renovation we were starting. That was a $7,000 sale HHGregg could have had IF they had treated me right over the defective washer but since they didn't, Lowe's got my hard-earned money. Exactly 2 years after purchase, the freezer part of the refrigerator stopped cooling. Fortunately, I had bought the extended warranty! Lowe's extended warranty people were FABULOUS. They shipped the parts overnight. When those parts didn't completely fix the problem, they offered to take the refrigerator back and let me pick out a new one. I told them I would prefer to try to repair this refrigerator rather than attempt to pick out a new one so they offered to give me $150 on the spot toward the purchase of a mini refrigerator/freezer to use in the meantime since I had already been without a working refrigerator for several days. When they didn't have the additional necessary parts I needed in stock, they told me to order from another distributor and they would reimburse me for overnight shipping and the cost of the parts. They did promptly issue me a refund check for the parts and overnight shipping--with zero hassles. Although I was sad to be having problems with a refrigerator that was just 2 years old, I could not have been happier with the Lowe's extended warranty people. The repairman who serviced my refrigerator actually worked for an independent repair company who does work for Lowe's. He confirmed Lowe's provides outstanding customer service and oftentimes will just offer to replace a faulty appliance rather than repair it. I know I've already written a book here but in light of my experiences in the last few years with large appliances, I have a few tips I'd like to share with HT members: #1. The old saying, "They don't make things like they used to," is true, especially when it comes to large appliances. We seem to live in a "throwaway" society now so when purchasing new appliances, just expect them to have a short life span. #2. When purchasing new large appliances, don't spend extra money on higher priced models with all the "bells and whistles" unless you absolutely need them or are sure you will use them. Remember, they don't make things like they use to and, in most cases, you probably won't get your money's worth before the appliance needs to be replaced. #3. Even if you don't like using credit cards and you have cash to pay for your new appliance, put your large appliance purchase on a credit card (zero interest or 12 month same as cash deal, if possible). It gives you extra consumer protection and invaluable leverage that you will not have if you pay cash at the time of purchase. If you have problems with the appliance within the 1 year manufacturer's warranty period that you can't resolve through the manufacturer or retailer, you can open a dispute with the credit card company. If you win the dispute, they will absolve you of the responsibility of paying for the defective appliance. #4. If your appliance fails DOCUMENT EVERYTHING--dates, names of people you talked to, their job title and direct phone number, what they told you etc. Details, details, details--they are invaluable, especially if you need to file a credit card dispute. #5. Buy the extended warranty. With all the computer parts in appliances these days, they often fail sooner rather than later, and all those computer components are expensive to replace. The parts alone for my refrigerator repair were over $500--almost 1/3 the cost of the original purchase price of the refrigerator. I don't know how much the service calls were. However, my out-of-pocket repair expense--ZERO because I had the 5 year extended warranty beyond the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. #6. I highly recommend buying large appliances from Lowe's. I feel like they went above and beyond to truly help me and make things right. Good luck with your new dishwasher, Kevin. I truly hope it performs trouble-free for you for many years.

  • Karen Pothier
    on May 19, 2013

    Well, this helps me...I was considering (when finances permit) an LG dishwasher and a washer/dryer combo. Hmmm....methinks not.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on May 19, 2013

    The term "planned obsolescence" is the politically correct term for disposable in my book.

  • Jeanette S
    on May 20, 2013

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have a new DW, washer, dryer and I hate them all! Very expensive and garbage! We have a maintenance contract on our washer...good thing...almost immediately the motherboard went out...bill would have been $799! I don't know if they will renew it or now when it runs out in another year.

  • Mary Swanson
    on May 21, 2013

    I have a 30 year old Maytag washer and dryer set that finally developed problems. I called the local dealer and asked if they were worth fixing or if I should just bite the bullet and buy new and he said that the old ones are always worth fixing. He said the quality of new appliances is terrible.

  • Gladys
    on Dec 5, 2015

    Clark Howard says high end products often don't get the same level of testing done on them. Problems are shipped and then company gets money from service calls to fix them at their convenience. Google Consumer Reports before buying.

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