Renter's Backsplash

3 Hours
I'am a RENTER and as a renter you are limited to your choices and Home Decor. I rent this townhouse and the owner came in and put in new counter tops and it left the kitchen half new & half old and I needed a pop of color. So I went online for a solution and I found several DIY for renter's backsplash. Saw the pictures and read the instructions and set off to find the following supplies: Table Placemats, and way to hold them in place, which I chose doublesided tape so it would be easy to remove without damaging the walls and a pair scissors. Since my kitchen is a small area I purchased 10 Benson Mills Bamboo Placement for a $1.00 each from Big Lots(I only used 8). Proceeded to apply double sided tape to placemats (make sure walls are clean) and put the mats in place on the wall. Here is my finished product. There was 1 inch gap between the cabinets. So I filled in the space with a cut down(cut to fit) version of the placemat. So far its working......
Supplies Needed... I used.
Starting the placement and filling in 1inch gap
Finish Product.....Proud of myself :-)

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