Today's Pollen Count In Atlanta = 8164 - Here Are 8 Ways To Keep Pollen Out Of Your Home!

With numbers like these, keeping all the pollen out of your home may not be possible. However, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the amount of pollen that enters your home.
1. Keep your windows closed! (duh) Even though it's gorgeous outside the little unseen pollen predators are just waiting for you to open a door or a window and in they fly! If you absolutely can't live without some fresh air in your home, use a window screen filter to let the pollen-free breeze in.
2.Avoid yardwork like mowing the lawn or raking leaves, which stir up even more allergens than are already airborne. If you cannot avoid yardwork, wear a pollen mask.
3. Don't turn on your attic fan.
4. Replace your furnace filters or wash electrostatic filters regularly to help clean pollen out of the air. You can also use vent filters on the room vents to catch anything that might have made it by the furnace filter or pollen and other allergens that may have already settled in your air ducts.
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