Build easy shelves from your base

Put together custom storage shelves on the cheap, with this fast build.

Organize everything on an old door

You've seen people do this in the kitchen, but it's perfect for you garage, too!

Put up a pegboard

We love pegboard walls! There's space for everything, no matter the size and shape.

Make a tool holder from pallets

Line a few pallets up for instant tool perfection.

Buy sturdy plastic storage bins

They're easy to label and stack - so worth the investment.

Put everything up on the walls

If you're trying to leave space open for cars, get everything up on the walls with hooks.

Build an easy bike rack

No more piled up bikes or hazardous messes - this bike rack is easy and efficient!

Make a designated spot for scrap wood

That scattered pile just isn't working for you anymore - corral that DIY clutter with a shelf or bin.

Hang ceiling-mounted shelves for bigger items

Get those clunky items up off the floor with this quick and easy shelving.

Use PVC to store standing tools & supplies

When storing sports equipment or garden tools, keep things up right with PVC pipes.

Put together a convenient rolling tool caddy

Get storage that can go where you need it, by building a rolling caddy.