Spring has sprung at my house!

I'm excited to watch the cool stuff in my yard pop out every spring. I've got a few things I'm concerned about and the unseasonably warm winter we had had me worried that Spring wouldn't be be as pretty but check out what's making me smile every time I pull into my driveway. I just felt like sharing!
In front of my mailbox. I planted this bed last year. Creeping phlox is blooming and starting to spread. Dusty Miller never died over the winter. My Osteospurmum is gone (but hoping it might come back). There was Mandevilla weaving around the mailbox. It probably won't come back but keeping hope alive! Also, I have meadow sage and peruvian daylillies cropping up in the back. Oh, there are some dianthus buried in there somewhere too. (I know, I went a little crazy.)
My Japanese maples blooming red.
close up of the Japanese maple and azaleas
Pretty azaleas make up for my sickly bermuda lawn lol
My first year in the house, I didn't know what an azalea was and when they all bloomed at the same time, it was pretty spectacular!
Another azalea about to explode
Azaleas galore!
More azaleas behind the oak trees and camelia
Camelia in my front yard. Buds look a little ill but at least it doesn't have the little white bugs like my ones in the backyard
azalea. Blooms look a little weak compared to the others
My only dogwood.
Forsythia and azaleas with another camelia to the right
fire power nandina, iris, azalea (of course), rhododendron and some leftover crocus and daffodil greens. Gerbera daisy and red hot pocker are starting to sprout too. I'll have a few gladiolus pop up before summer is over too.

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  • April April on Aug 09, 2012
    You're welcome, Teresa. :) Wow, that's too bad. I know what you mean. There's some shrubbery next to my window that is getting brown patches. I'm guessing it must be drought related, too.
  • Kincaid99 Kincaid99 on Aug 22, 2015
    I keep a watering can handy and a gallon jug in the kitchen, when I run the hot water so it is hot for the dishwasher, I save the water in the gallon jug, transfer to water can when full take out and water the flowers, I also save other water that would normally go down the drain and put it on my flowers.
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