Asked on Mar 20, 2012

You caught us! We were watching The View...

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Real estate expert Michael Corbett was on the show this morning to shock everyone with the highs and lows of real estate prices around the nation. Two of the homes that were featured on the show this morning were from Alpharetta, Georgia!
Have a little real estate related fun and play the "What's It Worth?" game today. It's WORTH checking out!! ;)
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  • Miriam I
    on Mar 20, 2012

    Was the shocker that it was high or low?

  • The shocker was they compared the Alpharetta home currently listed at $8 million to the Alpharetta home currently listed at $390,000 and they were surprisingly similar for the gigantic price difference. (of course the less expensive one had a blah white standard kitchen...but still...)

  • Miriam I
    on Mar 21, 2012

    Now I'm watching!

  • 3po3
    on Mar 21, 2012

    Yeah, they are about the same, give or take $7.6 million. But I have so many other questions now. Who needs 8 bathrooms and 4 half baths for 7 bedrooms? Also, how do you pronounce Alpharetta and how did they butcher it?

  • It's just like 'Alpha & Omega'...Alpha - Retta. The man on the show pronounced it Al - Frada. Obviously Alpharettans were watching as this same comment popped up on ABC's website immediately! And as far as the beds/baths go...what can we say...This is where the "Real Housewives," many of the Atlanta Falcons players, Usher & Tyler Perry just bought a home. They like a little showiness for their money I suppose.

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