Use your railings to make a statement

They can be more than a border - they can be beautiful!

Use pavers for an easy, affordable base

Lay down an entire deck using pretty and inexpensive pavers.

Put up a pergola to make a shady corner

Make the most of your outdoor deck space by adding an easy pergola.

Paint it a color you love

Choose the color of your dreams, no matter how wild. If you love it, it will be awesome!

Make screen curtains to keep bugs out

Curtains made from screens are an easy & affordable way to keep bugs out but let air in.

Outfit the space with makeshift furniture

Make a small outdoor table from a flower pot filled with sand and sea shells.

Toss the railings for an accessible open deck

If you're looking to enlarge your outdoor area, just drop the rails & enjoy the open air.

Add a floating privacy screen

Get a little privacy from neighbors with a crazy cool floating screen.

Add fresh stain when it’s looking worn

Your deck may not be in need of a makeover at all - just a little refreshing!

And don’t forget to paint drab railings

If you're repainting or staining, don't leave out those tired looking railings.

Hang drapes to make it more secluded

If your deck is under an overhang or porch, put up some light, elegant drapes.