Asked on Mar 21, 2012

Moles are taking over my yard and Garden.

Sm NystromCAGrayEllen


I have tried all kinds of over the counter products get these mole or ground hogs cant get them. looks like they are having a convention. I heard there is a plant that will get rid of them. Anyone know what it is or any other idea's ?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 21, 2012

    Theresa...this topic has popped up before. Check out these posts.

  • Ellen
    on Apr 17, 2016

    You need a cat, probably two.

  • CAGray
    on May 3, 2016

    Moles feed on grub worms, get rid of the grubs & the moles go away. Best way to get rid of the grubs is to have a professional lawn service treat the grubs. Grubs are bad for a lawn also, they eat the roots to the grass, leaving the grass to die. Cheryl Winterset, IA.

  • Sm Nystrom
    on May 4, 2016

    We live on 7 acres and we were infested with moles. We bought a device that you stick in the ground that emits a beeping sound. Sorry, don' t remember brand but any hardware store should have them. They were gone in less than a week and stayed away for years. Hope this helps.

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