From an Old Desk to Gorgeous Night Stands

4 Hours
I found this little desk at second hand store. I had been looking for some good solid night stands but now a days it just doesn't seem to exist unless you want to pay an arm and a leg. So when I saw this it hit me!!!
I put my husband to work at cutting and separating them
Here is where I stepped out of the house and saw a few markings in the back of the desk and I think my heart stopped for a few minutes.
Had no idea it was so old but what is done is done and it was time to give it new life.
Started out sanding and making all the necessary repairs... After the initial heart attack I started getting excited!!!
I used black latex paint for the sides and knobs and Unicorn Spit Stain & Gel for the top and drawers.
With Unicorn Spit Stain and Gel you get the benefit of a little color all the while you can still see the amazing wood grain.
All done and ready to be enjoyed for many many years to come!!

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