Asked on Mar 22, 2012

We have a reflective tint on our living room windows and the birds keeping seeing themselves. HELP!

SallymomValerieBrighten Electric, Inc.


They are running into the windows all day long as well as leaving "presents" all over our windows and deck. How do we stop them from doing this? My hubby wants to resort to a bb gun. Any tricks or tips???
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Mar 22, 2012

    How will a bee bee gun help? Won't you break your windows?

  • Lol he wants to shoot the birds. He's kidding but in all seriousness, we don't know what to do. We taped paper to lower half of windows ( they're 12 ft) windows and now the birds are going to the top. It's crazy!

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Mar 22, 2012

    can you hang some wind chimes or rain chains on L brackets just outside the windows?

  • 3po3
    on Mar 22, 2012

    You could even hang some CDs or something on fishing line outside the windows. They will spin and distract and confuse the birds. They will also break up the reflection. There is also this type of decal you can use: I saw these advertised the other day, but I can't say I know if they actually work or not, but it's a relatively cheap experiment.

  • Dee W
    on Mar 22, 2012

    We had the same problem with our porch and I set up feeders with a fountain about 15 feet away from the area. It seemed to re-route the birds and gave some interest to the yard without taking away from the appearance of the house.

  • Ricardo B
    on Mar 22, 2012

    There is large netting that's used in outdoor areas to keep out deer or other unwanted animals in backyard areas where the homeowner doesn't want to put up ugly fences that distract from the scenery. I can see where putting up a section of that unobtrusive netting some distance from that window would keep the birds at bay and not hinder the view looking out the window...

  • Rivka I
    on Apr 20, 2012

    There was a home near the park with a similar problem. They put up white silhouettes of birds in flight in their windows. They no longer have any problems.

  • Valerie
    on Aug 29, 2014

    I have had the same problem. We own a window tinting business and from my research, I put up a plastic owl/bird on the tree near window and I do not see the bird anymore. The owl lets the bird know this is his territory and not to come around. I'm sure you can mount it on a stick next to the window also. Hope this helps!

  • Sallymom
    on Aug 29, 2014

    I have used the owl, with no results. I still have birds flying into my covered patio and leaving their ugly gifts....anyone? Help.

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