15 Pallet Coffee Tables That Look Way Too Good To Be DIY

There's no way to get cozier, classier living room furniture!

By Hometalk Highlights

Craft a slatted table with a rock-filled base

Make matching chairs to really impress your guests.

Cut one in half for a slatted standing table

This is a stunning, unique way to display some of your favorite items without extra work.

Stack two pallets & PVC for industrial charm

Stack up 2 large pallets using spray painted PVC pipes and get that industrial look.

Stain slats different colors to make them pop

You can love pallets but want some color! Stain a few slats in different fun colors.

Use the planks to turn anything into a table

Add slats to the top of wooden cubes or crates to make a coffee table in an instant.

Use planks to create a pretty detailed top

Instead of the classic planked look, cut your pallet slats at an angle for this edgy look.

Fill in spaces with slats for a solid square

By filling in the empty spaces with extra planks, you can create a closed, clean, & modern coffee table.

Use four pallets for storage-friendly style

Get space to stow books and magazines without sacrificing that clean look.

Highlight your design with a pop of paint

A little paint can actually bring out the mixed hues of your salvaged wood and make it unique.

Keep your look simple and rustic

Get a striking look with simplicity, using pallet planks & chunky legs for your table.

Make the frame for a frosted glass tabletop

Blend soft glass with hard wood, for a truly high-end living room stunner.

Add shapely legs to mix your favorite styles

Dress up the rough, rustic look just a bit using delicate carved legs.

Cover a trashed & scratched coffee table top

Make your old coffee table new again with a textured plank cover.

Make a long accent table for a bigger room

Use your pallets to create a long accent table for a big living room & stain different planks in different hues.

Whitewash boards for a pale farmhouse look

Bleach your salvaged pallet planks just a bit, for this washed out, whimsical build.