Asked on Mar 22, 2012

In my lawn I have a lot of wild bermuda grass. Is there any lawn fertilizer that gets rid of this??

Pam Kirkland SheltonJohn C360 Sod (Donna Dixson)


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  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 22, 2012

    Weed and feed products are generally not a good idea, Johnny, because the two goals are at cross purposes. Get an herbicide safe for the type of lawn you have and the bermuda you want to control, let it do its work, then fertilize.

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Mar 23, 2012

    What is the wild bermuda in? Your lawn or landscape beds? What type lawn grass do you have?

  • John C
    on Mar 23, 2012

    Bermuda is highly invasive, there is a product that claims to control it in other turf areas, I can't recall the name. It is very expensive however and has little margin for error on application. It is usually more effective to kill the area using an herbicide then reseed.

  • Pam Kirkland Shelton
    on May 10, 2016

    Some grasses choke out bermuda grass. St. Augustine and centipede does, I believe. Try Google :-)

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