Well, the garden beds are finally finished. I need some ideas to reduce the weeds in the paths.

New Garden Beds

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  • Cathy Almon
    on Jan 25, 2018

    I used old shingles last spring in my garden walk paths. They are amazing. I just posted an ad on craigslist for free leftover shingles. So it cost me nothing to eliminate weeds no more back breaking weeding for me
  • Gale Allen Jenness
    on Jan 29, 2018

    Only thing I got against cardboard is it does decompose and will promote weed growth. I prefer a material that doesn’t break down very quickly over time. Most the time I will use plastic or tarps and I have also used old carpet too! Some weeds can/will grow thru the carpet but usually pull out very easily. To solve this problem I satiate my carpet with weed killer before adding rock or bark nuggets. Tip, don’t use bark “Dust”!!! the dust deteriorated too fast and promotes weed growth! Bark nuggets hold up a lot longer and don’t deteriorate into dirt for weeds to grow in! Another problem I have figured out, if you have pine trees or other plants that drop or blow debris into your paths, if you don’t remove every bit of it right away it will decomposed and start weeds growing on top of all that hard work and money you spent trying to keep weeds out of your gardens! Since I live on 5 acres with pine trees everywhere and it’s quite windy here most the time! Keeping weeds out near impossible! So the trees are being removed for the most part. I rather plant trees with leaves that are easier to clean up then needles are! Regardless any debri in your areas where you don’t want weeds needs to be removed
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