15 of the Most Popular Homeowner Fixit Hacks on the Internet

Keep these in your back pocket - you never know when you'll need 'em!

By Hometalk Highlights

Replace broken drawer pulls with bobby pins

Slip a bobby pin over a curtain ring and voila! A replacement drawer pull on a super small budget.

Cover that popcorn ceiling in foam tiles

The quest for the best way to remove popcorn ceilings has been answered - cover them!

Re-stuff and fluff your tired couches

Fill in slouchy couch cushions and pillows by unzipping them and adding stuffing yourself.

Unclog drains using a screwdriver and pliers

When the water isn't vanishing as fast as you'd like, this will fix it in minutes!

Fix floor scratches with wood filler & stain

Calling all pet owners! Get rid of gouges and scratch marks in your hardwood floor on the cheap.

Remove old caulk with a razor and hair dryer

Remove old, crumbly caulk and make room for a fresh new line - no chemicals needed.

Get a perfect caulk line every time with tape

Use tape to guide your caulk lines and avoid messes or future gaps.

Easily repair cracked concrete steps

Instead of replacing your concrete steps, patch them up with ease using a bit of Quikrete.

Use hydrogen peroxide & baking soda on grout

Scrub your grimy grout with a tooth brush and a mix of hydrogen peroxide & baking soda. Gleaming!

Fill in drywall holes with makeup applicators

If you've found (or made) a tiny hole in your drywall, don't worry. The drug store has what you need.

Insulate gaps underneath your window trim

If you're feeling a draft it might be coming from underneath your window trim. Seal it up!

Bend the hinge to fix a swinging door

To fix a door that's constantly swinging open and closed, bend hinges just slightly with a hammer.

Remove shower door strips for deep cleaning

Pull the plastic strips off the bottom of glass shower doors, scrub 'em & put them back.

Cover ruined veneer cabinets in contact paper

If your veneer starts to chip away or peal but you're not ready for a redo, cover it up.