Easter decorations for outdoors and indoors

Outdoors: These blooming spring trees are decorated with colorful Easter eggs.
Indoors: Make a trip in your local craft store, spy some your favorite Easter decorations and create your own personality design. In the pictures I have duck couples surrounded by colorful tulips, and bunnies playing under the table, you can get really creative!
Wishing all Hometalkers - Happy Easter !!!!!!
Blooming Spring trees decorated with colorful Easter eggs! Pick some up at your local Michael's, supermarket or pharmacy and hang them on trees around your house. It's a great family project to do with your kids!
Giant papier -mache Easter Eggs- making a papier-mache is bit complicated, but there is a simple way to create your giant eggs with your own style by simply grabbing a bunch of loose-leaf papers and crumpling them up into balls. Tie all the balls together by wrapping tape around them. Finally, take large colorful wrapping paper or create your own design with craft paper, then wrap the balls. Fun ribbons and bows will add something special!
Bunny surrounded by colorful Easter eggs! We love bunnies! All you need is a bunch of colorful plastic eggs, a life size mother bunny, and the perfect area for her to get the most attention!
Easter eggs under blooming Springs tree-It's as easy as it looks! Find your nearest craft store and buy those colorful large plastic Easter eggs! A selection of 3-6 is ideal when decorating an outside space, like the beautiful tree seen here. Locate the most desirable section in your garden and arrange accordingly!
A Scene of Easter Celebration -What's cuter than a bunny hiding behind a shrub? Not much else! Find your nearest craft store (such as Michaels, AC Moore or some local pharmacy) and look for a medium sized bunny decoration, (we don't want it to get lost behind the large shrub). Find additional decorations such as colorful Easter eggs made out of ribbon (use a metal wire and wrap with the colorful ribbon) or small plastic Easter eggs. The combination makes for an adorable scenery!
An Easter bunny hiding behind a shrub!
Decorative tulips with friendly duck couple! I love this cute duck couple.
Little Easter bunnies!
Spring is here! If you have a bare mantel and need some color, pick up a set of tulips and a cute character couple to create a sweet moment!

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