Asked on May 21, 2013

Leftover smell of smoke in car

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My sister finally gave up smoking 2 years ago but the smoke smell is still in the car. She was told it would cost $600.00 to remove it as they would have to take the car apart. Is there another way of getting rid of this smell. Thank You
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  • Dee W
    on May 22, 2013

    I've never been able to completely get rid of the smell, but shampoo the carpet (don't forget the trunk) seats and any other fabric and wipe down all hard surfaces with white vinegar. Next, place a bowl of vinegar or charcoal in the front and rear seating area and the trunk. It can sit overnight,be dumped in the morning and repeated daily for about a week. Change or wash the air filter. If you park in the sun, you may smell the smoke but in lessening degrees.

  • KMS Woodworks
    on May 22, 2013

    some folks swear by Meguires odor eliminator.

  • Loetta Arnold
    on May 22, 2013

    Try sitting an open bowl of ammonia in the car overnight.

  • Jeanette
    on May 23, 2013

    The vinegar route will definitely work. Just keep an open container overnight for several nights. It works! It will also get rid of pet odors on carpet. Just clean the area with vinegar and blot. The vinegar smell will go away.

  • It's Cleaning Time
    on May 23, 2013

    Try a fabric pouch with coffee beans as an extrqa to the above

  • Lydia O'Lydia
    on Feb 28, 2015

    Zero Odor works pretty darn good. Ionizer works too.

  • Belinda Todd
    on Mar 1, 2015

    Walmart sells these small cans that look like cat food that are deodorizers. You just pull the lid off and it absorbs the smells. Works very well!

  • Shirlie Armistead
    on Nov 17, 2015

    Cut an apple in half and leave it in the front and rear of the car for a few days. Works great !!!!

  • Barb
    on Jan 16, 2016

    Would you like one more idea? I know charcoal is supposed to take odors out of things.

  • Pam Kaiser
    on Jan 17, 2016

    My sister told me to put unopened bars of soap in the car. It took a while, but I either got used to the smell or it took it out!! I think it took it out, because other people have noticed.

  • Kathryn
    on Feb 7, 2016

    My husband and I quite smoking 3 years . We used one of Febreeze deodorizers that clip onto the heating vents. Works like a charm.

  • Rick Lester
    on Feb 7, 2016

    Fabric sheets under the seats will do wonders on sucking the smoke small out. Fabreeze will help too. I have also sprayed disinfecting spray in the OUTSIDE vent, the one that is under the hood and cycled the heat and a/c, this also gets the smoke smell out of the jvac system. If the car is so equipped, change the cabin air filter too.

  • NK
    on Mar 7, 2016

    Coffee grounds, probably fresh but maybe used & dried would work too. Spread on newspaper, which also helps remove odors. Close the car & check in a while. Possibly set dishes of undiluted white vinegar around. Sprinkle baking soda into carpets, leave & vacuum out after a few days. Good luck & congratulations on quitting smoking !!

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