Dividing my living room

My living room is very little. I want to separate part of it as a front entry. I could use some suggestion.
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  • Trudy Trudy on Mar 27, 2016
    It is difficult to give ideas when there are pictures. I am assuming you have already thought of a stand alone folding screen. I also thought about a piece of furniture to physically separate the space: it could be a sofa table (to drop keys, etc. and put something pretty and inviting on). Or a buffet, dresser, or hutch with storage under to catch all the stuff. You could hang a mirror from the ceiling above it to make it feel more enclosed. You would probably need 2 of something the same size to hang back to back so you aren't looking at the back ugly side from the living room. You could probably find matching frames at a reuse it shop; then add a mirror on one side for entry way and add a pic on the other.
  • Judy Rashotte Judy Rashotte on Mar 27, 2016
    No pictures make it hard to really say but an open book shelf that has baskets and some left to see through. You could put whatever you wish in the other open cubes. You could even get two of them to make an open wall. If the space is small still having a sight line through will give you the separation you want without making it look to small. Good luck
  • Lynn Palmatier Lynn Palmatier on Mar 27, 2016
    One thing to consider is open shelving next to the door on the side where your room is prominent. That way you have a divider and it will not be very deep like a table or furniture. Shelving is usually about 12 inches and a chair or sofa can be used on the living room side . You will need to decide how wide a unit you will need and multiples can be placed side by side. Open shelves will keep an open feeling to the room where a solid piece could make it feel smaller. You might also think about hanging something from the ceiling like a curtain, if you don't want to take the floor space. A lot depends on the layout of your room and where the door is and any closets at the entry way.
  • 861650 861650 on Mar 27, 2016
    Since you do not have any pictures, my questions are, what is the exact size of your room? Where is the door? Where are the windows? Could you reply with exact details? Now, this is something I did when living in an apartment and maybe it will help you. The front door was up against the wall so I placed my couch up against the front wall a few inches from the door. This made it look like a hallway entrance and I even tried the love seat too. If yours is too big or long, you could use two chairs with a table in the middle. Does this make sense, Julie?
  • Julie Julie on Mar 27, 2016
    Karen, thank you. I can't post pics or EXACT details as yet as this is a house I'm moving into next month in VA. I currently live in Iowa and am RETIRING this Thurs and moving to VA next month. Yippee
  • Julie Julie on Mar 27, 2016
    Actually I entered that request wrong. The living room is long not little. But I've received several comments re: open shelving. Never considered that, but possible. I've been looking at some screen type dividers as well. Thank you all.
  • Julie Julie on Mar 27, 2016
    I haven't as yet but do have some ideas
  • Kogle Kogle on Mar 28, 2016
    My townhome had the same problem. I built a half wall with a cut-out. I hung stain glass in the cut-out so light would still come through. Turned out pretty.
  • Jen R Jen R on Mar 28, 2016
    I think area rugs and furniture placement can really work to separate spaces. Make an entry with with a small table, bench, tree or umbrella stand and rectangular rug or runner can separate the spaces. Make a seating area by grouping furniture for conversation and an area rug to block off the area. Good luck with your move and congratulations on your retirement.
  • Lynn Palmatier Lynn Palmatier on Mar 29, 2016
    Since you have indicate that the room is longer than what you originally posted, that divider can be placed as far from your door as is feasible. My sister's house was like that when they added a new 2 car garage and used the single car garage to extend their kitchen and living room. They chose to build a wall, but there are some good suggestions. They built a wall because they lived in NY and the cold came into the house when opened. The wall deflected the cold. Your screen idea is a nice one and you can build one yourself. My husband and I built one with a wood frame, rigid insulation and fabric I found as a mill end markdown. Just remember those screens will move if knocked into. Bookshelves would be sturdier and a wall type most stable. Even a nice piece of tall furniture can be used, though you will probably want to do something to the back. You could cover with paneling or paint or a mural. Good luck making your decision... :D
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