Asked on Mar 25, 2012

Allium question

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I planted some alliums a while back does anyone know when they start to come up in NC zone 7? Ive been watching them but nothing yet. Arent these related to the onion or garlic family somehow? The first time i tried to grow them i had no luck so im trying again.Do they spread?Are squirrels fond of them or not?
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  • Walter Reeves
    on Mar 25, 2012

    They are indeed related to onions....and they should be up by now. I'd gently dig the spot to see if they are still present. Squirrels don't seem to eat mine.

  • Marvin R
    on Mar 25, 2012

    Thanks Walter hope i didnt plant them to deep

  • Erica Glasener
    on Mar 25, 2012

    Mine have put up foliage.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Mar 26, 2012

    What type did you plant, Marvin? Most are spring bloomers and should be showing foliage by now, but some, like drumstick allium (Allium sphaerocephalon) do not bloom until mid-summer, so you may not be seeing those. Also, bulbs tend to be a little tardy their first year in the ground. I've not found that most allium naturalize particularly well, but drumstick allium is said to.

  • Hey Marvin, My alliums are putting up foliage as well probably 3-4". I have tons of squirrels but they don't seem to bother my alliums but they love my tulips! I planted my alliums about 5-6" deep as well. I agree with Walter about digging down to seem if they are still there.

  • Marvin R
    on Mar 26, 2012

    Might go ahead and do that they might not come up this year

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