20 Low Maintenance Container Gardens for Beginners

The container gardens will make you look like a pro - without making you garden like one!

By Hometalk Highlights

Use Dollar Store bins so you have a few tries

Start your garden with a few buckets, so that you get a couple of chances to get it right.

Start with tomatoes (they grow great in pots)

Tomatoes are edible, look bright and beautiful, and they're easy to grow.

Regrow your salad scraps on the countertop

Some salad scraps can root in a glass of water - some can even grow fully!

Hang any houseplant in a can

Put a little houseplant in a can & hang it up. Everyone will think you're a seasoned gardener.

Turn boxwood sprigs into a chic topiary

Make your own chic topiaries, by simply sitting a nursury-bought seedling in an urn.

Plant in buckets to use less water

Start your garden off right, by planting in a large bucket & using a smaller bucket to collect run-off.

Set a few cacti in a cinder block

Set some soil and a few plants in a chunky cinder block, for an edgy & easy garden.

Hang moss-wrapped plants in the window

If you don't have enough sunny spots in your home, hang plants directly in the window like this.

Upcycle empty cans into easy succulent pots

Turn your space into a green-filled paradise on the cheap, by setting easy succulents in cans.

Put a trailing plant in a colander

Upcycle a colander into a perfect draining planter for trailing plants.

Make a simple mix of succulents for the table

Succulents are easy to care for, and they'll look gorgeous without much work.

Hang your favorite herbs in a sunny spot

Get into the world of edible gardening in the easiest way, wit your own simple herb wall.

Or just grow the herb you love best

You can start slow, with just one herb - grow your favorite.

Make a tower of plants to maximize space

Instead of watering every plant in every room and corner, go easy on yourself with one tower.

Try growing tasty strawberries in a tower

Strawberry towers are easier to manage than you would think & they're great for a sunny spot.

Blend easy-to-care-for plants into your decor

If something is part of your decor it'll be easier to care for, so put your plants into the design.

Try your hand at a charming fairy garden

Fairy gardens are a simple and sweet intro to gardening.

Plant in old gutters for easy watering

Old gutters make a great spot for some beginner flowers.

Use a pallet so you can replace pots easily

If one plant starts to look a little faded, take it out and switch it with a healthy one.