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  • Orlando, FL
Asked on Mar 26, 2012

i have to seal off the inside and outside of all windows and doors, whats the best sealant and how to apply

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  • 3po3
    on Mar 27, 2012

    Depends on what style and type of windows and doors you have, but the links on this page have a load of great information: http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/insulation_airsealing/index.cfm/mytopic=11260

  • I am not sure what you are asking? Old windows leaking? Installing new windows? finishing wood surfaces on window frames?

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Mar 28, 2012

    If you are trying to "tighten up" your home you will need to look at more than just the windows and doors. Crawl / attic space penetrations etc should also be sealed up for better energy savings. One way to test the effects of these efforts is to get a blower door test performed. This can give you a baseline to work from. These tests are often part of a more thorough home energy audit.

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