Asked on May 22, 2013


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I how can I get rid of hundreds of ink toadstools in my very small , garden , they are even growing under my artificial lawn.
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  • Dee W
    on May 22, 2013

    HI @Raylee Mushrooms will spread very fast as you know, but normally like a damp area or rotting wood to settle on. Is your yard unusually wet right now or is this a recurring issue? If not cleaning fallen tree debris may help or you could try to aerate your soil.

  • Raylee
    on May 22, 2013

    It has been going on for a long time I have a 5ft retainer wall along my back fence line & does seem to leak water into my garden, also I have very little sun in this area , my little garden is only a metre wide x 6metres long....

  • KMS Woodworks
    on May 22, 2013

    What you see (the toad stool) is just a small part of the "plant". The mush room part is the fruiting body (reproductive part) of the organism. The far greater bulk of the fungi are comprised of Mycelium ...these are fine hair like structures. Fungi feed on dead plant matter, so keeping that "out" of the soil will help. rather than leaving grass clippings and trimmings in the garden remove them and compost them "off site". The higher density or critical mass of a compost bin often allows these to decompose at a higher temp via bacteriological methods..temps where fungi are challenged. Hand picking early will reduce the spore load for future generations.

  • Raylee
    on May 22, 2013

    Thank you , I have started picking them as they get bigger , will keep doing it, hopefully they will disappear .. :)

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