Asked on May 22, 2013

Weird sewage smell in basement?

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I have a 2002-built brick home near Atlanta, Georgia. Just a few days ago I noticed a very strong smell (smelled sort of like a dead mouse or something) in my basement and upon further investigation it was coming from a small closet that has a sink and big pipe (which may be a sewage pump ejector, I'm not exactly sure) running from the upper floor to the ground. I have never noticed this smell before. I think it had rained the day that happened.
Again, today, the smell came back but it smells more like sewage. We do have a septic tank, and we had issues with it leaking into our lawn a few years ago and we got the entire tank replaced I believe.
Any tips? Is this smell dangerous (eg methane buildup) or is it harmless and disgusting?
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  • Well it is sewage & it sounds like the P-Trap on the sink has dried up - run some water in it & see if that stops it. When was the last time you had your septic system checked / cleaned - if never I would suggest you get it pumped & then go with their recommendation for how often & care (generally every 3-5 depending on use, size, etc...

  • Humphries Homes
    on May 22, 2013

    I agree with SLS more than likely dry p trap. I would also check the sewage pump, they are bad about burning up. They usually have a manual over ride switch or temp switch and sometimes have a reset button. Start with the simple stuff like checking power to pump first then work your way to more difficult stuff to try and save some money. Good Luck

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