Asked on Mar 29, 2012

How to paint wicker furniture?

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I have a set of Lane wicker furniture that was white when new. I painted it black about 2 yrs ago and it started to chip soon after. I need to repaint it but want to do it right this time, any ideas?
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  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Mar 29, 2012

    Bad news first. Because the last paint job was not properly prepared, you may always have peeling issues. The new paint is not going to soak thru the old paint and make it stick better. Now, I would take a med sanding sponge and scour off the lose points, the parts that are most likely to chip. Next, scrub the furniture with a clorox and soap solution. Then you are ready to apply a primer and finish paint. If this is wood wicker, a little roller will work better than the spray cans for longevity and less likelyhood of more peeling. Best, Charles

  • Sometimes it is the nature of the thing....painted wicker is never going to hold up well....unless you don't sit in it! Every time someone sits, they stretch the material. Charles is way to do it is to strip what you did the last time and start over.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    on Mar 30, 2012

    And latex paint will be flexible where oil will not.

  • Peace has it right. So often we think that an oil or alkyd paint is going to be more durable. It dries hard, gets brittle and cracks. . . especially when it goes over something that is flexible like unsealed wood or wicker.

  • Anne marie B
    on Jul 13, 2012

    Sorry I haven't replied to your comments before now. Thanks for all the great ideas!!! I repainted using your ideas with latex and a brush and roller, so far so GOOD!!! had the cushions recovered and it looks so much better. Thanks everyone!

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