Asked on Mar 31, 2012

Want to put up prefabed carport

Kevin M. Veler, Law Office ofCourtier ConstructionBurco Surface & Decor LLC.


I am in marietta georgia in the county part, have called several companys thay said that thay never mest with zoning or promit for this and probley dont need one for a carport. called zoning thay sayed I do. What shoud I do,
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  • 3po3
    on Apr 1, 2012

    Did you specifically tell the zoning folks that you are putting up a prefab unit? If so, it sounds like you better get a permit.

  • Get a permit yourself for what you want to put up...otherwise, cobb county will force you to take it down

  • Why wouldnt you want the local govt. to make some money off of your carport? lol

  • Courtier Construction
    on Apr 2, 2012

    Glynn, I don't know why a contractor wouldn't want to pull a permit to protect their license. It is not a big deal and they will obviously charge you for it anyway. Good luck

  • Glynn, assuming by zoning you mean building department, if they say you need a permit, I would suggest that you be sure to follow their requirements. Among other things, it can impact the value of your home on resale and failure to have the permit may result in a stop work order. The contactor NOT YOU should pull the permit. Whoever pulls the permit is responsible financially for code compliance. Rarely should owners pull their own permit. If the contractor is not able to pull the permit, it is likely because they do not have the required state license for the permit. If an unlicensed contractor asks a homeowner to pull a permit it is likely because the work requires a state licensed contractor and that contractor is asking you to help them evade the law. DO NOT DO IT. That said, I do not know whether the work you are having done requires a state licensed contractor as there is a specialty listing for Pre-Manufactured Structures that would seemingly covered. If this work does not require a state licensed contractor, the unlicensed contractor would be able to pull the permit because it is a specialty. Overall have the contractor pull the required permit and make that a part of the contract responsibility clearly spelled out.

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