My Impatience Finally Paid Off!

First, I will say that I love working on various re-purposing projects in the little bit of spare time I biggest problem is that I'm so impatient when it comes to waiting between steps like I should because something in my personality wants instant results. I recently redid a small dresser, and after layering on some off-white paint, I wanted to sand it back to remove it for a worn look. I didn't wait for the paint to completely dry and when I sanded, it was still "sticky wet", and produced this very cool "chipped paint" effect. My husband wasn't thrilled that I gummed up so much sandpaper, but he'll get over it. Thought the "slightly wet" paint technique may be of use to those of you looking for this effect and/or are as impatient as I am!
Close up of the "wet sanding" result.
The 2nd drawer is the overall effect.

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