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Asked on Apr 2, 2012

Say bye-bye to pansies to make room for caladiums?

Walter ReevesDouglas Hunt360 Sod (Donna Dixson)


My pansy beds are looking so pretty right now, but I have 100 caladium bulbs in route to take their place for the summer. Can I just plant the caladium bulbs in the beds with the pansies, or do I need to pull the pansies up to prepare the beds for the caladiums?
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  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Apr 2, 2012

    Pansies will start to decline when the temps stay consistently over 85 degrees. You 'can' plant around them, but your new bed might not be as well balanced as a result. You can pull them out as they decline, but be sure to do it, otherwise you will have some ripe conditions for the pansies vectoring botrytis.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 3, 2012

    Very good advice from Four Seasons. And do make sure the soil is consistently warm enough before planting your caladium bulbs. That means at least 65 degrees, which may be early May.

  • Walter Reeves
    on Apr 3, 2012

    Good advice from Doug about soil warmth. Caladium season usually begind in May...but temps in Atlanta at 4" were 66 yesterday!

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