Asked on Apr 2, 2012


CAROL HDouglas Hunt3po3


I have these green and blue colored lizzards around my back and front porchs...They eat all my plants..What can I do to get rid of them..Some range from 2-3 inches ,up to 12 inches long..They are driving me crazy..I have tried the moth balls and all it did was smell up my porches...ANY SUGGESTIONS??????
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  • Sherrie S
    on Apr 2, 2012

    Bevey S, I never saw a 12" lizard but I have many lizards in my yard. I like them because they eat bugs. I've never seen them eat any plant in my yard. Can you post a picture of your lizard?

  • 3po3
    on Apr 3, 2012

    I also wonder if you are sure the lizards are eating your plants. As Sherrie said, they are more likely to eat insects. Either way, you could cover the plants with mesh or netting. You may also sprinkle cayenne pepper and citrus peels around your plants. That deters most animals, and it's really cheap, so it's certainly worth a shot.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Apr 3, 2012

    Please do try to post a photo, Bevey. I can't imagine what lizard you might have that would be a foot long, and most that I can think of eat insects and spiders and such, not plants.

    on Apr 4, 2012

    I agree with Douglas. I love lizards in my garden they eat insects so the insects don't eat me.

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