How to Build and Plant a Succulent Garden

Succulent Gardens require very little water and almost no maintenance. And they can be gorgeous!
Succulent Gardens are easy to create and super easy to care for.
We used PVC pipe and cut it at an angle
Spray painted with stone paint
Fill with pea gravel for drainage and soil. Then planted the succulents.
Some of the plants were also planted in the ground.
Since there were some questions about Indoor Succulent Gardens, I thought I would add a photo of the one we created for indoors. They do great indoors.

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11 questions
  • Bonnie
    on Feb 17, 2016

    The shape of the pic looks oval. Is that from the cut you made on top

    • SusieB
      on Feb 18, 2016

      Bonnie, I also thought the pipes looked oval but it is the angled cut on the pipe that gives the illusion.

  • Jsm5179467
    on Apr 11, 2016

    Is there any reason you couldn't plant other annuals in them? Wonderful idea!

    • Lorraine Aha
      on Apr 14, 2016

      No. Just use a short layer of gravel and fill the rest of the pipe with potting soil.

  • Juanita
    on Apr 21, 2016

    I tried this but the paint wouldn't stick. What did you do so the paint would stick to the PVC?

    • She
      on May 7, 2016

      sand a bit harder, use Vinegar -straight- to wipe clean. Let air dry in sun, if possible 2-8 hrs. Then try to paint-check paint label for use, or ask paint dept. person. Talked to -home plumbing- they said PVC has coating- use expensive 'BIN' SEALANT, but I think cheap waterproof glue to seal, or cover glue With sand - paint after 24 hr Dry would work. Hope these help.

    • Sandra
      on May 16, 2016

      Wipe down with acetone nail polish remover, then clean with plain water and dry before painting. I painted the trim on my PVC window trim using the polish remover as a sanding medium...

    • Karen Force
      on May 17, 2016

      Just use sandpaper.

    • Possumlady
      on May 30, 2016

      What a great inexpensive idea. I have a tortoise that eats everything in her reach. This could keep her out.

  • Juanita
    on Apr 21, 2016

    The paint wouldn't stick to the PVC when I tried this. How did you prepare the pipe?

    • Bevely Thomas
      on May 5, 2016

      Might try using some sand paper to rough the surface up. try in on the scrap piece from the angle cutting

    • Psellers
      on Jun 28, 2016

      Do a little sanding.

  • Beverly Tusler
    on May 16, 2016

    How did you get the paint to stick to PVC?

    • Karen Force
      on May 16, 2016

      Just roughen it up with a light sanding

    • Thomas Martinkovic
      on Jun 17, 2016

      Just rough it up with sand paper and most decorative stone texture paint with adhere no problem

    • Jill Brooks
      on Dec 13, 2016

      When this type of paint first came out, I went a little crazy. So I learned how to work with it by MANY trials and errors, lol. Roughing the surface does work, but if you're at home w/o sandpaper, you CAN "prime" the surface with a traditional spray paint (made for plastic etc is ideal, but they all work", let dry thoroughly, THEN your Specialty Paints will adhere. I also used a Spray Adhesive on some projects and for an interesting look, USE the fact it won't stick and make a design of your own on the pvc pipe. Spray ONLY the areas you WANT to stick, wiping away where if goes over off easilywith paper towels or a rag. I used Black PVC with a pretty Copper colored sand paint and had a lovely, unique, one-of-a-kind piece of ART in my Garden. Of course...ALWAYS slay with a clear sealant per the instructions on the can! (Usually after its completely dry! OR within a few minutes of the initial spraying)

  • Gavi
    on Jun 9, 2016

    That little bamboo mat is precious! Where is it from please?

  • Gcr11114485
    on Mar 11, 2017

    Did you use only pea gravel in the pipes? This looks really good.

  • Peggy Fergueson Miller
    on Aug 3, 2017

    I love this and how inexpensive! How do you move it if it has no bottom or is it stationery only? Thanks for posting this great project.

    • Yojimbo
      on Aug 12, 2017

      I wondered the same thing, and the solution I came up with was to get a pipe cap for each tube and drill a LOT of holes in it, then put a circle of landscape fabric inside the pipe and glue the cap on with pie cement. Now you have a porous bottom on each tube!
    • Peggy Fergueson Miller
      on Aug 12, 2017

      Perfect, Thank you. I can't wait to get started.
    • Mary
      on May 20, 2019

      How does the stone paint hold up outside? the rust-oleum site specifies this as indoor use only.

  • Patricia
    on Feb 27, 2019

    Do succulent plants need a lot of direct sunlight. I’m primarily in shade

    • Gale
      on Jan 29, 2020

      No they do not. I have a garden in a plastic dish and it sits on my porch with no direct sun. It is doing great

  • Mary
    on May 20, 2019

    How does the stone paint hold up outside? The Rustoleum site specifies this as indoor use only?

  • Mysteria
    on Nov 28, 2019

    Do succulents need a special soil?

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  • Carolyn
    on Jul 8, 2019

    Love this idea going to do this but we are going to paint them to match our home. Think that will be cute also.

  • Paula
    on Jan 26, 2020

    will give it a whirl. Like the idea that the plants are pretty and very easy to take care of. Have hanging baskets in front of my house and a LOT of SUN. They should work great there. Also around 2 trees where the sprinklers don't hit real good.

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