Sloped Backyard

I need ideas on how to make a nice path from the gate down into my backyard. As you can tell by this photo it slopes significantly as does the rest of my backyard. Please excuse the mess but I am "spring cleaning" and I do have plans to do something with that pallet, don't worry :) I am wanting a path roughly the size of the gate door (about 4 ft) and 24-28 ft long, it will gradually turn towards where the stack of chairs are. There I will need to build a small retaining wall I know but for now I just desperately need to address this entryway. I am unfortunately unable to rent heavy machinery or spend very much money so it will have to be done mostly with good old fashioned elbow grease (and I'm sure a little blood, a lot of sweat and hopefully just a few tears) Any and all ideas and advice are greatly appreciated! Help!!!
This is the entrance into my backyard (from the backyard looking out) Excuse the mess, it's a work in progress. The 2 plants that flank the gate are new rose bushes. They shouldn't bloom for a few more years. Photo prior to sundown
Showing more of the fence line to show the slope of the yard. Eventually the entire fence line will have plantings. I just started on the other side of the yard and am making my way around
Again excuse the mess, from the gate looking into the backyard. The set of chairs are under a tree that starts to be shaded around noon. Will eventually be adding to that as well.

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